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20-27 June, 2020
Polana Institute
al. Jana Pawła II 49, Warsaw

Lettering collaboration with Szczęsny Szuwar

Fascinated by archival materials, historical art materials and underestimated media from the borderline of high and applied art, Paulina Włostowska reaches back to the history of Muranów, a district in Warsaw. In vacant business premises, she creates and reinterprets the retail and service space, in the style of the Craftsmen's Pavilions from the early 1960s. The composition of the store's scenery consists of a specially designed shop exposition and wall decoration. The title of the exhibition, Papieroplastyka, is taken from the 1956 guidebook Commercial Advertising – a method of decorating shop windows with paper-made objects resembling advertised products. The arrangement from the window can also be found on one of the paintings inside.