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Tworzywa sztuczne, materiały malarskie i ich zastosowanie / Synthetic Materials, Painting Supplies and Their Use
Paulina Włostowska
14.06- 11.08. 2019
Miejsce Projektów Zachęty
Gałczyńskiego 3, Warsaw

Curator: Julia Harasimowicz

Artistic analysis of the encountered objects allowed Włostowska to give them new meanings. Włostowska sees left-over objects, cuttings and remnants primarily as abstract forms. Inspired by the paper and foil constructions that are a mystery to her, she creates her own abstract juxtapositions. She also analyses the very properties of materials and their often-ephemeral character — created objects usually disintegrate under pressure and over time. She creates a kind of documentation — she photographs the most delicate elements and then transfers them to a painting or illustration. The gallery space arranged by the artist underlines her interest in materiality. The museumlike display cases and frames enclose individual objects and become art exhibits themselves.
Włostowska is fascinated by the issue of archiving, so she carefully analyses the gradual disappearance of the material traces of an artist. She plays with the convention of the collection, by means of which she shows us the situation in which she found herself. In the space of the gallery, she creates a collection of found objects, but also handcrafted ‘souvenirs’ enclosed in characteristic display cases. Objects abstracted from the context become mysterious. The artist draws attention to the dual character of archives. On one hand, it is a kind of recording of memory and heritage, and on the other hand, it always collects only fragments from the space of someone's biography, never able to grasp the whole.